Save Your Home From Severe Water Damage

Get emergency water mitigation services in Baltimore, MD

There is nothing worse than waking up to find standing water in your home. Whether you've had a pipe burst or a torrential rainstorm, any level of water can cause major issues throughout your home.

Get rid of flood water quickly with help from Clear View Restoration. We offer comprehensive water mitigation services to dry out your home or business and help prevent serious damage to your home or business.

Contact us in Baltimore, MD today for emergency flood water removal.

A professional approach to water extraction

Removing flood water from your home or business is a big task. Lean on the experts at Clear View Restoration for professional water mitigation services that include:

Inspection: assess your property to determine what equipment and repairs are needed
Extraction: remove water and bring in fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the area
Disinfection: clean the area using antimicrobial products to prevent mold growth
Restoration: complete any drywall, flooring and ceiling repairs to restore your space

We even use special techniques to dry out hardwood floors to restore their beauty safely. Don't hesitate - call now for emergency flood water removal services in Baltimore, MD.

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